Thank you for your interest in our GU Shamrock Cheerleading program! We will have information about our 2019-2020 season try-outs very soon! Try-outs will be held about mid-late May with a commitment fee of $250 due by May 31, 2019.

  • Athletes will first go through our try-out clinics and the final try-out process to determine what LEVEL they may be considered for the 2019-2020 season.
  • Athletes will be placed into LEVELS and will practice with all athletes placed on that level throughout the month of June. We may find while practicing these athletes in leveled groups, that an athlete possesses skills needed for a higher or lower level team. Practicing them in leveled practices for a few weeks will allow us to decide the best fit for each athlete and the best combination for a successful team in this evolving industry.

The Tryout Routines will be explained, taught, and demonstrated at our Tryout Clinics on Thursday, May 16th and Sunday, May 19th. Please utilize the material on this website if you are unable to attend the clinics or would like extra practice. *All athletes that wish to be considered for our Competitive All Star Teams will perform the try-out routine. (Exception: Athletes ages 3-4 will not need to perform this routine, but will attend the final try-outs so that we can assess their basic cheerleading abilities. Beginner Athletes ages 5-8 will not need to perform the full routine, but will learn the Mini/Youth Dance to perform at the final try-out as well as any tumbling/jump skills they may have)

Please fill out and complete this Try-Out Packet before attending final try-out evaluations. No evaluations will be performed on athletes unless this try-out packet is COMPLETE.

Final Try-Out


Click Here to learn the Mini/Youth Dance w/ Counts

Click Here to Learn the Mini/Youth Dance w/ Music


Click Here to learn the Junior/Senior Dance w/ Counts

Click Here to learn Junior/Senior Dance w/ Music

Click Here to listen to the try-out music

The full routine videos, posted below, are helpful guidelines as to how our try-out routine process goes. You do NOT have to follow the exact tumbling passes in each routine video.  Please read the level appropriate tumbling examples on our Routine Breakdown document. The routine examples below show last year’s dance, be sure to learn this year’s dance using the videos above!

Click Here for Level 1 Try-Out Routine Example

Click Here for Level 2 Try-Out Routine Example

Click Here for Level 3 Try-Out Routine Example

Click Here for Level 4 Try-Out Routine Example

Click Here for Level 5 Try-Out Routine Example

Try-Out Routine FAQ:

Q: What if I have a skill that cannot be shown in this routine? (“Out Of Level” tumbling skill)
A. Great! You will be given the opportunity to showcase additional skills outside of your routine. If your skill requires a pit, you may video the skill and bring the video with you to your final try-out.

Q: Will I be placed on a team that is the level of my tryout routine?
A. We do not promise levels before, during, or after our tryout process. Our tryout process is longer than most because it is important for athletes to demonstrate their abilities to do cheer & tumbling skills in a group setting. Athletes may end up on teams higher, lower, or the same as their tryout routine. The All Star Cheer scoresheet is not based entirely on tumbling and because of this, our tryout is not either.

Q: What if I mess up my routine in front of the judges?
A: Athletes will be permitted to try their routine (or parts) again if they have not performed to the best of their abilities

Q: There is a lot of down time in the routine. Can I add my own choreography?
A: Yes. HAVE FUN!  We encourage all athletes to show their personalities in the routines. Cheer is a performance sport and we can’t wait to watch you all!

Q: How do I choose which level routine to perform?
A: Please choose the level routine (s) you will be performing. Athletes must perform a level routine that meets and follows all skills required for that level. Coaches may ask an athlete to come back to another night and perform a different level routine if it is not approved. Athletes who perform routines with mixture of level skills in a routine will not be approved for that level. The level routine that you perform may or may not ultimately match the level team you are placed on. Athletes may, if they choose, perform more than 1 level routines – so long that both routines follow the rules / standards required for that level. (This would be important for any athlete wanting to be considered for a crossover position. This would also be important for anyone who may be performing a level routine that meets the base requirements of that level. It will be in your best interest to show a 2nd routine that is near the top of the previous level.)

Q: What is my “cheer age”?
A: Your “cheer age” is the age that you will be on August 31, 2019.