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  1. ATTENDANCE POLICY: We are very excited for the upcoming competition season, and have high expectations for the success and future of GU Shamrocks. As stated in our attendance policy, All-Star Cheerleading is a TEAM sport. Participating in this sport is a YEAR-LONG commitment to the GU Shamrocks that requires dedication in attitude and in presence. In order for our athletes to perform skills safely and be successful, a HIGH level of commitment is required. Practices are ONE, TWO or THREE times a week for each squad. All athletes are expected to be at EVERY scheduled practice. If your athlete is going to miss a practice we need to be notified ASAP, preferably in writing. All absences, both excused and unexcused are being documented.
    1. Participating in other sports: We understand we have some of the most talented athletes in our program, and with that comes talent in sports outside of cheerleading as well. In an effort to allow them to participate in multiple sports, we just ask that they be present for a MINIMUM of 50% of their scheduled practice (i.e., 1 hour of a 2-hour practice) in order for the absence to be EXCUSED.
    2. Vacations: Because of the balanced school calendars that most of our athletes are on, scheduling vacations throughout a year-long sport can be tricky. We will EXCUSE two SEPARATE weeks of vacation each season (i.e., we do not allow a vacation that is 2 consecutive weeks). How you decide to divide that up will be up to you (i.e., 1 week in summer, 1 week during Spring Break). We just ask for a minimum of 2 WEEKS WRITTEN notice so that we may properly prepare for the missed practices. **Please keep in mind competition schedule when scheduling your vacations, and try your best to schedule vacations during the “Suggested Vacation Weeks”.
    1. Front Office Tuition covers training/practice hours in the gym and is paid through auto-withdrawal at the end of every month (last BUSINESS day of the month). A $30 fee will be added to payments that do not go through. Account needs to be current by the 1st business day of month in order to continue participating in practices (no exceptions).
    2. Booster Club Payments cover fees such as competition registration, uniforms and apparel, and any other fees related to competitions. A budget payment schedule is available under the “Forms” tab. These payments are made payable via ACH (online through your emailed invoices), check, or money order to “GUSBC”. NO CASH PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Post-dated checks will not count as an “on-time” payment. Any fundraising done to raise money for booster club will only be credited to the account when the money is paid (i.e., no “floating” payments of money that “will be coming in” will be accepted as on-time payments). Late payments will result in your child being unable to participate in practice, and a $30 late fee will be added to every late payment. , payments are due on the 15th of each month, and will be considered late after the 25th. Payments made after the 25th will accrue the $30 late fee.
    1. Attitudes are contagious and that includes those of the parents. If you have issues with anything going on with your child or this program, PLEASE bring your questions or concerns to the director, Kara Frazer ( or your child’s coach to address the issue rather than “gossiping” or “bad-mouthing” our program. We have each and every one of your children’s best interest at heart, and everything we are doing is for THEIR success. Your negative actions are contagious and can/will affect your athlete’s. We will have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for this and WILL result in removal from the program.
    2. Just a reminder that practices are CLOSED except for the first and last 15 minutes of practice. If you or your child is uneasy about you leaving, you are welcome to stay outside in your car or on our “patio”, but viewing of the practice from upstairs or downstairs is not allowed. (Exception: you may participate in the scheduled fitness classes in the fitness studio upstairs).
    1. At this time we are looking to take the technique of every athlete to the next level as excellent technique has become an industry-wide standard on the score sheet. Therefore, to ensure that all of our athletes are being taught the correct technique and to the exact standards of our program, private lessons may only be done through the GU Shamrock Cheerleading Coaching Staff until further notice. If you need to schedule a private you may do so with your coach, or through one of the directors and we will set you up with a coach according to accommodating schedules. **Private lessons will NOT be allowed if accounts with the front office and booster club are not current.